How technology changed our life?

Hello What’s up everybody?  I think all are going to well. Technology can changed our life but how? If you know how technology changed our life ? In the article, we will discussion about how technology changed our life. Let’s Start. 

What is technology?  

Technology is defined as a combination of science and knowledge that can be used to accomplish something. A piece of technology is any item that serves a purpose and is designed for human use. In modern society, we have come to rely heavily upon technology to improve our lives and help us advance our careers. This has resulted in a surge of technological innovation in almost every field. With this new tool comes a wide array of benefits including convenience, efficiency, and a boost in productivity and creativity. Today’s world is full of amazing advancements in technology and it would be impossible to live without these inventions. Some examples of modern technology include electricity, computer systems, communication devices, vehicles, and even medical advances.  This article will focus on some of the most common uses of technology and how they impact your life today. There are several different types of technologies and each plays its own role in everyday life.  While technology exists to facilitate our daily lives, it can also be used to make improvements in other areas. When it comes to the environment, technology can sometimes be a double-edged sword.  One example of a highly beneficial technology is recycling programs that help keep waste from going into landfills. However, with technology comes great responsibility and many people don’t think before using their gadgets. One way you can reduce the amount of technology you use is by reducing the size of your device.  You can also create a technology budget that limits how much money you spend on technology.  Another alternative is to limit the time spent using technology.  Finally, if you’re really concerned about saving energy, then you should consider turning off your electronics at night. As you can see, technology has become a huge part of our lives and has grown exponentially over the last few decades.  Whether you like it or not, you cannot escape this high-tech lifestyle.  So the next time you go online, use your smartphone, watch television, or look at a billboard, realize just how much technology affects your day-to-day life.  Enjoy!

Some benefits of using technology 

 Technology has improved our lives over the years and has come to play a huge role in the cannabis industry. When we first started growing in this industry there was no technology to help us out. We had to learn everything from scratch. Now days there are so many tools that have been designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Some of them include but are not limited to; hydroponic systems, LED lighting, air circulation systems, water filtration systems.. you name it! There is now so much technology that helps us grow better. But even though technology has helped us, we must still use it properly. Sometimes we think if we use some type of technology then our yield rates will increase. This is not always the case. Technology should only be used to make things easier for us. If I am trying to take my average annual weed production to 50 pounds, I don’t want to buy a $20,000 hydroponic system just to harvest 20 pounds a year. That would be ridiculous. Use technology to save time, not money.

 Using Technology can help conserve energy!

 There are different types of power options available to us today. For example we can use electricity, solar panels, windmills,


  •  Technology has allowed us to grow plants faster than ever before. This means that we can now have crops ready to harvest at least two months earlier than in previous years. We are able to do this by having access to smart irrigation systems (irrigation controllers) that use the latest technologies to automatically irrigate our crops.


  •  The sun provides light energy and heat that are vital to the survival of all life forms on earth. In order to produce the optimal amount of cannabinoids, the sun’s rays need to hit the plants directly. With advanced LED lighting technologies, we can now provide this exposure and have controlled light levels throughout the day.

 Air Filtration

  •  Air filtration is another advantage of modern farming practices. Most indoor farms utilize forced air circulation systems, where the entire structure is built around providing fresh oxygen-rich air from outside into the grow space. This system allows for better ventilation and reduces the risk of airborne diseases.

how technology changed our life


  • 1. Mobile phone easier to stay connected with people and share information. This has turned into an addiction! Just like any other device, the mobile phones have become addictive and distracted us from other activities. We always carry them with us. Our kids are getting addicted to their gadgets. We were not aware of how much these devices had gotten into our lives.
  •  2. The Internet was once used for academic purposes only but now we use it for shopping, watching videos, playing games and listening to music anywhere anytime. Before buying anything online, make sure the website is safe. Avoid giving your personal details to unknown entities and keep your credit card information private.
  •  3. Globalization has opened doors to foreign cultures and lifestyles. We can easily travel to different countries and experience their traditions. However, this also means that we get influenced by others culture and adopt their customs. For instance, many of us would visit beaches in summer season instead of sunbathing. You need to appreciate the benefits of globalization while avoiding its drawbacks.
  •  4. Transportation improved over time. With better roads and infrastructure, we can move around faster than ever before. Through planes, trains and automobiles, we can go farther away from home.
  •  5. Smartphones are becoming smarter with each passing day. Nowadays, smartphones can do more things than ever before. They became our best friends even though they sometimes drive us crazy.
  •  6. Cleaner air, cleaner water, safer food, and purer products- These are just some of the ways technology changes our lives.

It was the article about how technology changed our life. I think all are enjoyed the article About how technology changed our life. If you get more technology related article Don’t Forget to visit our educational website. 



আমি আশিক। আমি একজন ব্লগার। নিজে জানতে এবং অন্য কে জানাতে পছন্দ করি। আমি যা জানি তা এই ওয়েবসাইটে এর মাধ্যমে সবাইকে জানানোর চেষ্টা করি।

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